Friday 19 June 2009


ETSY Custom orders seem to be the order of the day, and all of a sudden I feel like that just maybe I can make a small living out of my love for sewing.

I have a giant Pirate personalized cushion to make to send to America in oranges and limes.

A great customer in the UK asked for this retro Ollie to be made like one I sold on Etsy, and after bidding on eBay fabrics she likes wants another flower power retro one!

A customer from Germany after purchasing my red driftwood heart asked for a blue one and then a lavender baby to match.

She has now asked for as many driftwood hearts I can make! So last night Hubby and I beach combed and found only 3 pieces of wood worth using, but its a start, just need to go and fetch some more Laura Ashley fabric and get making..................

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