Friday 9 January 2015

New Quilt Kits

Astrodelic Quilt Kit 42" x 42"
featuring Utopia by Frances Newcombe
for Art Gallery Fabrics

I have now started suppling quilt kits!!
These are quilts designed for and on behalf of the fabric houses
showcasing there fabric collections.

 I  only do kits for those full collections I have in that the quilt was designed for
however the patterns are normally downloadable free
but me supplying the kit costs you no more money per metre, 
but you get no waste.
I do the cutting of the amounts, supply a paper copy of the pattern.
label up anything you need! Simple

Woven Fragments Quilt Kit 60" x 60"
Featuring Recollection by Karirina Rocella
for Art Gallery Fabrics
Avalible to pre-order fabric due in very soon….

Flaunt Quilt Kit 85" x 85"
Featuring Petal & Plume by Bari J
for Art Gallery Fabrics
Available February when fabric arrives.

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