Sunday 11 January 2015

Cultivate by Bonnie Christine

Cultivate by Bonnie Christine
For Art Gallery Fabrics
Cultivate Flourish

I love love love this collection xxx

Due for release in April in the USA and arrive in the UK here in May 2015

Traditional floral patterns are reimagined with an earthy, artful romance. Cultivate is about reaping the year’s harvest and getting lost in a modern landscape of blooms, gardens and delicate plants. Designs blossom with pink citrus, herbal greens, and nutmeg.Bare Nopal Gleam

This super collection comes with 20 prints split into two collections Cultivate Flourish & Cultivate Harvest, I have pre-ordered Cultivate Flourish x 10 fabrics

Flower Field Mist
Plotted Farm Moss
Vintage Vases Eggplant
Rowby Row Lit
Thrive Apricot
Everblooming Fig
Rooted Earth
Seed Packet Shadow
Pruning Roses Citus
Floricuture midnight

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