Friday 16 January 2015

Cotton & Steel Collection

Cotton & Steel Collections

I am going to break down and show how versatile 
this whole collection of fabrics are
(this does not include the canvas or cotton lawns)

There are 77 fabrics above - 5 collections 
Each having 2 colour ways

Tokyo Train Ride by Sarah Watts
in Bullet & Metro

Mesa by Alexia Marcella Abegg
in spring rain & summer heat

Cookie Book by Kimberly Kight
in Sugar Cookie & Oatmeal cookie

Playful by Melody Miller
in Guys & Dolls


I am going to be getting all the Guys colour ways in first
over the next 2months, followed by the Dolls
They are all listed here
a bundle of all guys 39 fat 8ths works out to just under 3 metres
what a great patchwork quilt!!

Guys x 39 fabrics

Guys light x 20

Guys dark x 19

Dolls x 38 Fabrics

Dolls Dark x 18

Dolls Light x 18

I just love them and the great thing every single one 
will also just mix in with pretty much another collection!

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