Wednesday 26 November 2014

Maker by Art Gallery Fabric Studio

Maker AGF Studios
for Art Gallery Fabrics

Art Gallery Fabrics have materialized our love to create, 
and given life to our favorite notions,
 tools and haberdashery. 

Grey x 5 bundle

Mustard x 5 bundle

Crisp and fun prints with spontaneity and playful details are the gateway to picture-perfect projects that portray the love for our craft.
The love of being Maker.

Due in shop in March
Pre Order HERE

Make the Cut Sharp

Make Stitches Crisp

Make it, Hang it Toasty

Make Closures Pewter

Make Drafts Raw

Make Embroidery Cool

Make Patterns

Make Room when Foggy

Make Patches Tailored

I’m a Maker

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