Wednesday 5 November 2014

Flora by Joel Dewberry

Flora by Joel Dewberry
for Freespirit

There are a total of 24 fabrics in this collection
in Carrot, Eucalyptus, Orchard & Poppy colours

Due for release in Janurary in USA expected release in the UK Febuary 2015
But you can Pre-order some here

which can be split so many ways 
depending on what your budget or colour preference is!

12 x Carrot & Eucalyptus colourway

can be spilt again;

6 x Carrot colourway

6 x Eucalyptus colourway

12 x Poppy & Orchard

can be split again to; 

4 x Orchard colourway

8 x Poppy colourway

I has pre-ordered 8 piece bundle in poppy colours, 
with a hint of liche and stone


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