Monday 17 November 2014

Just in!!! Utopia for Art Gallery Fabrics

Fantasy City Fervor Utopia By Francis Newcombe for Art Gallery Fabrics

Journey to an idealistic society, a city of incredible colors captured only in dreams, a place that is filled with vibrancy and ignites our deepest longings and hopes. Your imagination will be inspired as you travel through the enchanting trees and coves. 
The colors will pop off the fabric as it takes you to this magical land. 

Set of 5 - orange

Set of 5 - pink

(even the names of the fabrics make me smile) 

Aglow sapling in mango 
Paradise Dwellers in Vivid 
Urban Sprawl in Magenta 
Lucid Hills in Amber 
Chatter Pods in Citrica 
Ormi Biolumescence 
Megalopolitan Dim 
Specks of Ramputan 
Atomic Influx Purse Fantasy City Fervor
Dreamlandia Illuminated

These are only 10 of the 20 fabric in the collection
of which i have ordered

The 10 I have belong to a set called Fantasy City Fervor
and the other 10 are called Reverie City Winter

And you can order HERE

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