Sunday 26 August 2012

Don't Laugh....

My first attempt!

Yesterday I did a 2 hour beginners course in learning to crochet.
It was at my local wonderful sewing shop
The lady who taught 6 of us has the patience of a saint, but she did mention that she also used to teach special needs so I guess we were in the right hands.
Being a total left hander she new she was going to have trouble
(that's why my mother gave up trying to teach me knitting and sewing years ago....)
So I was bullied into doing it right handed - OK so asked to try.
The problem I had was my hook stayed in one position and I moved the wool instead, not the way you are to do it and I was slow, I am a fast learner so picked what I was 'meant' to be doing quickly, chain stitch the double onto treble, which if you squint your eyes enough you may just be able to spot them on this masterpiece I made.
Then in the last 1/2 hour it was suggested I go back to doing it left handed, as I think right handed crocheting was never going to produce a granny square in the near future(oh I can't wait to make one of those one day).
So left handed it is now, but my brain had to go back to the beginning and do it reversed.
Anybody wanting to learn, go to a class, drink tea, have a laugh and one day soon you will be better than me.


  1. I am left handed too and everything is so much more difficult.

    Working right handed would never be an option for me, and right handers who ask you to do that should try working with their left hand, then they might understand how tough it is.

    There are lots of left handed instructions on Utube if that helps x

  2. Thanks Liz I will have a look. Kx

  3. Hiya, Have you tried Youtube? I used this to teach myself to crochet and it helps to be able to follow along slowly and pause as you go. Just a idea. Your doing well. xx

  4. I can't believe they made you try and do it right handed! That's kind of outrageous. I really can't believe it. Why don't they just tie our hands behind our backs and make us use our right hands all the time?...Oh yeah, because we're not in the 50s anymore...


    It did take me a while to pick it up - you have to reverse what the people are telling you basically but I picked it up eventually and I haven't had tooooooo many problems teaching right handed people to crochet.

    But yeah You Tube might be a good idea if you learn best by seeing.


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