Tuesday 10 February 2009

Ollie & Olive

I have finally finished my first family of owls, of which there will be more. Ollie the Owl is a tea cosy, Olive the Owl is a coffee cosy and the kids of which there will I hope be many more are egg cosies.

Now Easter looks like it could be around the corner, it may be time to buy a little eggstra(!) special egg cosy for that little somebody in your life! Just go to my website, where they will come eggtraviantly(!) wrapped. I'm sorry I just had too...........!

There will be more Ollie's & Olive's, as I will be sending one of each of them up to Molly & Lizze's shop in Cheshire, along with a selection of the children.

I am also looking to put them in a shop in Eastbourne called Roots & Boots (short for Local Roots and Wellie Boots!)


  1. Oooohh I love them - what a cute little cosy family! I can't wait to proudly display them in the shop!!!
    P.s. Welcome to the wonderful world of blog!

  2. Thanks Sarah, I do feel like an old mother hen!!
    Took a bit to get up and running, just have to ban myself from the computer to the sewing machine.

  3. Lol - i have the same problem! x

  4. Aw they are adorable Karen!

    Welcome to blog world, I think I am going to love your blog!

    ~Buffy x x


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