Monday 16 February 2009

Molly & Izzies Package

Finally got around to sending off a few bits to Molly & Izzie's shop this afternoon, which include Ollie & Olive (I will be making more of them this week to sell on etsy & folksy), As well as bunting and aprons, I made a couple of lined tote bags (in the pictures), and velvet 10" cushions (in pictures).

I'm in the middle of making a few more cushions to sell as I received a huge bag of new cushion inners on Saturday, which was approx the height and width of me, my hubby thought highly amusing to keep using it as a battering ram, Mmmmmm do men ever grow up?

Well hope Sarah likes the selection or more to the point the customers do! as we all have to make some money!! I'll upload close up pics to my face book page Blonde Designs.

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  1. Ooooh i can't wait for the parcel to arrive! The bags look fab!
    x x x


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