Sunday 15 February 2009

Charity Shop Finds

Yesterday was spent with my sis-in-law, Leas trawling through the vast amount of Charity shops in Eastbourne, of which there they are approx 15 in number! I went with mission to find 60's & 70's curtain weight fabric to turn into retro Ollie & olive's, but found nothing, although my mission was not in vain.
As well as finding a fab 1970's teapot, for £5.00, (which I will now look out for the rest of the set on eBay and places), I found in one charity shop 'St Winifred's Hospice' they have a great selection of vintage aprons, I thought I had died and gone to heaven, my only problem was which one to buy! Although I may just have to go back next week and buy a couple more to sell on as they were all scrummy.
As you can see by the photos I picked up a cute old fashioned dress pinny, which gathers in at the waist and a tie belt, and pockets, I am tempted to wear this with skinny jeans and a white tee-shirt to go out in...........all for £2.75.
The 2 hangers cost me 75p, a green painted wooden hanger and a lilac with blue plastic goes perfect with the apron to hang on the door in the kitchen.
I never feel guilty when charity shopping, plus it is always a chance to get something original, the junk nobody wants......... Kx

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  1. I LOVE this apron - althought i didn't realise it was an apron until i read down your post. i looks like a very coollittle dress so you should definatley wear it out with jeans!

    x x x x


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