Wednesday 4 March 2015

Just in!!! Flora

Flora in poppy by Joel Dewberry
for Freespirit

Classic bundle

Retro bundle

There are a total of 24 fabrics in this collection
in Carrot, Eucalyptus, Orchard & Poppy colours

12 x Carrot & Eucalyptus colourway

can be spilt again;
6 x Carrot colourway

6 x Eucalyptus colourway

12 x Poppy & Orchard

can be split again to; 
4 x Orchard colourway

8 x Poppy colourway

Arrived 8 piece bundle in poppy colours, 
with a hint of liche and stone
And to follow are the orchard Colourway

herringbone in poppy

Rose Bouquet in Poppy

Diamonte in Stone

Kasbah in Poppy

Trellis in Poppy

Bazzar in Liche

Tulip in Poppy

Abacus in Liche


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