Thursday 7 August 2014

True Colours - Anna Maria Horner

By no means a new collection and a not so basic basic collection.
Freespirit collaborated with the designers to produce a 20 piece basics range in their own style and a rainbow of colours but each one limited so you can mix these pretty much into stash collection you have.

10 Cool Colours

10 Warm Colours

As you may know I love the basics , the stash builders, you cant go wrong, they are there ready to mix and match with.

Next week I have the first 4 arriving of this collection and will add to them every couple of weeks.

(from the top)
Sealing Wax in Perido
Sealing Wax in Clear
Cresent Bloom in Turquoise
Medallion in Emerald

I am off to Birmingham NEC tonight,
The Festival of Quilts.
If you are going, email me say hi! put faces to names.
If you find me you will get a treat freebie!
I'll take your email address and where to send freebie....
(it will be fabric).

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