Saturday 7 July 2012


After six months off from sewing for others, I am rejoining the sewing community with fresh ideas!!

With so much DIY in our house and sewing I need to do for myself, every thing had been abandoned as all I was doing was Working long hours, sewing and sleeping, I didn't see the rest of the world...

Rather than expand on things I used to make I am honing them in, and really have fell in love with my quilt making, loads of things in the pipeline.

Do you like my new (or rather vintage) pigeon hole shelves, cost me a pretty fortune BUT well worth it, now all I need to to do is get hubby to wall hang it.

Now i can see what colours I am short on, talking about colours does anybody else find it hard to get yellow fabrics? the ones that are out they are just, boring!


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  1. Enjoy your own time , I love your new/old storage !


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