Sunday 8 July 2012

Make - 8 Pointed Star

The Lemoyne Star
Sewn the easy way, no fussy sewing
(OK I am not a fan of my stripy point, but as I am going to be making another 8 of these for a quilt, I will live with it!)
I have used 5"squares, this makes the star large,
feel free to use what ever size squares you like

Cut 8 White Squares
Cut 8 single squares of patterned fabric
(I have used 8 separate fabrics, you could use less)

Cut all your 8 patterned pieces into triangles
Cut ONLY 4 of your white ones into triangles
Leaving 4 white squares

Now rearrange your pieces
with the four white squares in each corner
(bit of a puzzle, but but fun)

Next taking your middle pieces
sew press and trim as shown
making 4 squares

Taking the outer pieces join each patterned triangle to adjoining white triangle
press and trim
You will now have 16 squares again!

Starting from the top row, sew your squares together,
So now you have 4 rows of fabric and press!
please note your four white corner pieces will be slightly larger,
but I wait till I have finished to trim the edges off.

Last but not least join your rows together
And press and trim

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  1. I have been wanting to make this block, but am scared of triangles. I think I may try this.


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