Monday 3 January 2011


 Want to make a quick cute jean bag from old jeans.
Follow me....
 Sadly the zip broke on my jeans, and so rather than just bin them,
one of things I am making from them is a bag.
 Now these jeans are skinny so the bag will be a little tote,
the wider the jeans the bigger the bag.
Mine are approx 7 inch across.
 So I measure approx 7 inch down, same as the width, and half again,
Cut. so if your trouser leg is 15 inch flat then measure 15 plus say another 8.
 From the cut top, measure down your 7 inches(or what ever your length is).
Sew across.
 Turn up the jeans, you can iron the seam if you want ...
 Now turn the whole thing inside out, making sure you push the corners out and flat.
 The tricky part is cutting the flat bottom.
You need to line up the side seam on one side with the base seam.
This forms a triangle, pin, measure up from the point, this one I measured 1 inch if a larger bag go for 2 inches. Chalk or pen mark, sew across and then cut.
 Repeat this on the other side, oh and this is not about perfection!
Your base should look like this.
 Flip the bag back inside out and now you have a turn up bag!
 To finish the top, I use cute bias binding from my stash,
 Now you could leave this as it is and use them for storage bags in kids bedrooms or for your cottons, zips, anything! or you can add handles.
 I cut from the jeans 2 x 14" by 2" strips, I think they ended up a little long but you make you handles as long as you wish.
Folding long ways fold the into the middle and fold in half, as bias binding looks, then sew down the length.
I think this adds to the'jean look'.
You could try sewing and turning inside out, but trust me trying to turn under 1" strips inside out is almost impossible in denim fabric!
 Next cut 4 x 2" strips of matching bias binding
 As per the photo, fold these to the middle, then in half and sew one of each on the end of your handles
Take one handle place on bag, I always do handles by eye, not measurements.
Sew the handles on by stching anyway you want on the yellow tabs, a square, an X.
Then repeat for the other handle on the other side.
Add and embellishment's you want.

The mini bag here is perfect for little girls or to carry your lunch.
A larger one will take you shopping on a weekend or down the pub!



  1. What a lovely idea, I have loads of jeans that are broken (okay they don't fit)so will be trying this out. Now what can you make from a skirt????
    Pene x

    Any chance of making "make monday" a regular feature?

  2. My new years resolution is to do as many Mondays as I can! Thinking up next weeks make, watch this space. Kx


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