Friday 7 January 2011

Linen Slim Glasses cases

 Slim Glasses Cases

Made with a natural linen, almost sack cloth like, and I find it a nightmare to sew with, as the open weave makes it stretch, so you start off with the lining and wading and outer casing the same size and end up with 1cm of linen at the end of the row!
Next time I will iron interfacing to the linen to stop it from moving, always something to learn!
Bias Binding slipstitched so no machine showing stitches.

And I am still hunting for that perfect dove grey linen, I just don't seam to be happy with any I buy, they are either far to dark, the weave is too open, or colour to 'linen' or to 'cream', so if anybody knows of some you will make me one happy person!
Happy Weekend.



  1. Hi Karen
    May be no good at all but take a look at these..

    Love the glasses cases by the way!

  2. Hi Karen, Have you tried looking through the men's trousers at your local Charity Shop? (The trousers that are for sale, not the ones any male staff are wearing - ooops!) I found some navy linen trousers when I wanted some fabric to make a Nautical style shopping bag. They were just the job and only cost me a few quid. SueXXX

  3. Thanks for tha advise, going charity shopping tomorrow, and web shopping now! Kx


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