Thursday 2 December 2010

Let it Snow Let it Snow

I know I know, by the weekend we will be sick of snow, but for now it remains pretty, the air is so silent, and all we can hope for is everybody bored at home on thier computers finding things to buy on folksy & Etsy!
So I can't get into work, and have a list of things to sew, and the bright light from the snow means I may just get a couple of photos taken!


  1. ahhh... snow! We got a huge snowfall of about 45 cm on the weekend and then yesterday it poured and it all melted away. Now overnight we've had almost 30cm again and it's still coming down. I love the big puffs coming down (as long as I don't need to get anywhere!) :)

  2. The snow has benefits.... Oh dear, such a shame you can't make it into work, you will just have to fill your days sewing. It is so hot in Australia, I can't even comprehend how cold it must be in the UK.
    Jen & Row


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