Sunday 19 December 2010


 Mums Christmas Present.

My mum was moaning about when reading in bed she gets cold (she can read for hours), and wearing a dressing gown in bed is uncomfortable and bulky, so last month when I picked up a sewing mag (can't remember which one), there was a free sewing jacket,trousers and dress pattern, and adapting the jacket slightly as you can't put pleats in fleece, the modern super soft cozy bed jacket was born, finished with my handmade spotty bias binding and button, for cuteness.

 My Owl Buttons!!

One of my new years resolutions for 2010 was to get something I make and sell into one of the craft magazines, and I always leave everything to the last minute and so my wish was granted in the last hour (of few!), OK so only my buttons, but buttons all the same! This is inside Crochet magazine, the sister mag to sew hip, and last night attempted for the second time to crochet with appalling results!  but now all I need to do is find how many of the other resolutions I made, and how many need to follow me into 2011.

 Bed jacket polka dot button

Bed Jacket Cuff

Happy Sunday!

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