Sunday 15 August 2010


Due to my ability to not make anything whilst sitting, I found I needed a new pastime whilst on my train journeys to work. My car was tearfully waved away to the scrap man 2 weeks ago, and for a while will need to take a train.
The problem has left me with 3/4 hour to spare and in three days I managed to spend £10.00 on 3 magazines, not knitting and crochet has now taken over!
I won't be competeing with anybody on folksy, somehow I will never get around to making little figures and knitted bowls of fruit.  I will be sticking to making things I will wear! (You can never have too many scarf's, necklaces and bracelets & bangles. I have never felted so looking to knit wool bracelets and then felting them to make them stiffer. And see what happens.
All my knitted jewelley will be made using 100% undyed, unbleached wool, reclaimed funky wool, and those like my mum who can't bear to wear wool, because of the itching! 100% cotton. No manmade fibers to be found.

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