Tuesday 17 August 2010

A/W 2010 HOT KNITS - settings changed!!!

Sonia Rykel Gloves £70.00
I know most of you are going to say, I'm not following the fashion trend, it sucks and I will be knitting what I want, how I want and use the cheapest wool I can find! Plus I've been knitting those for years!
Well what ever the argument is, the big fashion houses bring out a trend, be it new, old hat (accuse the pun!), a throw back from the 80's (snoods, snoods, snoods & arm warmers aka Madonna, as I am about to point out). The high street stores then cherry pick, copy and mass sell in cheaper acrylic wool blends, cheap labour, and just how they love to skimp on the excess.
So whether you follow it or not we are lead or lend a nod to fashion, after all you are not buying your own stock, the followers of fashion are.

Taking a peek at net-a-porter, I have 'cherry picked' what I think I can adapt, within my sewing abilities and what is most wearable, coveratable, and just sits on the line of classic, can be worn with pretty much with any of this winters trends. A few of you may just jump with joy as you are already making, and making very well, similar items.

I love the Sonia Rykal gloves, just like those stripey knee high socks (that I have a draw full of, and wear under my boots..). But priced at £70, and beyond my current sewing skills, I am going to have to see who on folksy will make some like these first (or get a customer order in........).

Stella McCartney for Adidas £40.00
Burberry Snood £195.00

Donna Karen Infinity Scarf £500

Call it what you want but the snood (the throw back, as mentioned from the 80's is back!!) Yer. Well I think its a good idea, keeps your neck warm, a quick hat for the rain and the wind or snow, what else do you want...
So Stella McCartney for Adidas is not expensive at all, but following the 'trend' the snood is low key, no day glow oranges, lime gleens and pinks, but tones of black, grey, winter white and a touch of red thrown in, The bigger and chunkier the better.

Donna Karen Arm Warmers £285.00

Missoni Fingerless Gloves £155

Another of my favorites for this season, arm warmers & fingerless gloves. I think the look is great and you can match them up with any outfit. But at a coughing £285 for Donna Karen's arm warmers means I most definitely will be making my own in a soft dark grey angora wool. And I have always had a soft spot for Missoini knits, always very delicate, and their staple zig-zag pattern, again this is something I will not be able to perfect just just yet with my knitting skills, but there must be somebody on Folksy who can knit me a pair of these.....!!! (I'll buy the wool.............Then you knit me the dress, scarf, cardie.........OK GLOVES FIRST!)
Missoni Bennie £115
Stella McCartney Bennie £155
Stella McCartney Bennie £135

The Slouch Bennie, has been around for a while, but it is cute, all seem to be slouch Bennie's in any knit chunky, soft, fluffy, mainly all plain, sticking to the basics, black,greys, winter white (big colour this year), natural colours, hint of red, bright pink, purple and teal, Missoni's knits stand out a mile and scream Missoni, otherwise as with everybody else, it could be Stella at £155 or Topshop at £25.
Animal print is still in, mainly in tones of black and grey, again something I am unable to knit (yet), but having a new weaving loop to make Bennie's on, I am going to make one similar to this red angora one, once I have finished my chunky teal one I am making.

Mulberry Pom Pom Scarf £295
Missoni Scarf £170

Sigh, Missoni's delicate cobweb knit ultra long scarf is beautiful, (sticking to the teal, winter whites,
grey and red), what can I say, nothing other than I can think of plenty of bills that need paying before I would even have a chance to get my hands on one of these, maybe Mother (MUM ARE YOU LISTENING) can dust down your knitting needles and make me something like this for Christmas.... (I challenge you Kx).

The Mulberry's Pom Pom scarf is great, now I couldn't sew an argyle pattern for toffee, but this knit is fab mixed with the stripe, so I think I am going to make one 'LIKE' this following a couple of pointers, like the pompom edging the fat stripes, but will mix them with thin stripes, and will stick to these colours to match my grey wool felt coat...and soon to be black smart cape, which I am making (another of this years trends.....what me follow fashion).

I got my pictures from Net-a-porter.com which has other close up pictures of all these items, so if you are a great knitter, get knitting and selling (not forgetting the missoni style fingerless gloves).
ps. Couldn't understand why no comments left or I could change anything, my fault! Doh! Now back to normal, I hope... but if you still can't leave a message let me know. Kxx

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