Sunday 31 January 2010


New to blonde's backyard will be my pincushions, a girl can never have too many pincushions in my opinion, one in sewing room, one in the lounge, one hanging off the sewing machine and a ring on my finger for the ease of taking pins out, whilst trying to sew around frogs legs.....more on the frogs legs another time. ...
These are approx 10-11cm, fully stuffed and boy does your hand ache holding the threads tight trying to make it evenly puffy!
Hope you like them and add a bit of sunshine to your day.


  1. I love the shape and the bright colours, the photos are excellent too! x

  2. Thanks Charlotte, my makeshift photograghic studio consists of the wooden towel rail dryer from the bathroom, a whiter than white sheet draped, sat upon the coffee table in the lounge as close to the window as possible to get as much light as possible in the clouds! Kx

  3. They are really pretty Karen, I wish I liked sewing!
    Tracy x

  4. Love these! You're far more patient than I am getting the shape spot on!

    Looking forward to reading your blog


  5. I LOVE them!! (would you like to do an interview & have a giveaway on my blog?)


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