Thursday 28 January 2010


I have been very naughty today, and somehow managed to buy all of the above fabrics off Etsy, from downshadowlane and not just Fat Quarts either! 1/2 Yard lengths, Oops. They were calling my name....honest.
But I do have some ideas for them along with using ickle pieces for pincushion rings, although if I used them for pincushion rings alone, I would end up with lets say quite a few.............

I also brought these lovelies from averilpam for my Mum, she has a red pair which must have lasted around 20 years (since the 80's!) but managed to loose one at mine over Christmas, and she was gutted, so Pam is sending them straight to her with a little gift card, hopefully see with see them on Saturday as a nice surprise.

Which then got me thinking, I don't own any red earrings, and wouldn't they look lovely with my red Mary Jane shoes......(they really will, you have to believe me...) so then I found these beauties in cinnamonjewellery she has some wonderful pieces and great wire workings going on (its all in the detail!). She has a sale on some items and free delivery, but I am getting VIP treatment, because mine are being hand delivered! (She lives not far...).
So I get to see mine tomorrow when I get home from work, yippee.


  1. Fab Fabric!!! Supplies purchases are my weakness too!! i just cant stop!! Beautiful rich red in the earrings!! Lovely :-) xx

  2. Oooh loving that fabric. Especially the red one with the white spots- can't wait to see what they get turned in to!

  3. I galloped round to your house on my trusty steed (well, Fiesta actually) this morning to deliver your earrings Karen! Hope you like them :D
    Tracy x

  4. Red Mary Janes? Sigh. How lovely

  5. I so know what you mean! I'm trying not to be naughty but I am reeeeally feeling the need for some new fabric.


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