Friday 18 September 2009


I have been featured on Wollywotnots blog along with lots of lovey cupcake stuff!!! go take a look via the link below. As yet I am still not so good at putting the link inside a nice title say 'pink Friday cupcakes' so if anybody can help me with that one task, it means I get to learn something new today.....
How funny, I went to the hospital today to have 3 moles removed - Lets just say, I have the skin of my fathers, he was a ginger nut, and they say you go out with people who look like your parents, and lets just say many years ago I had an unhealthy shark like, hunt for redhead men/boys to date or snog! (ah did you ever call it sharking?!), anyway back to the story, got in to theatre, with my denim wedges still firmly attached to my feet, only to find out the surgeon didn't have a clue which one he was removing off my back, as my back is like dot to dot. And as I can't see my back, I was not sure which one it was, so he spend 5 Min's taking photos on his mobile of my bare back and showing them to me...... I was still none the wiser and we decided only to remove the 2 moles I knew, oh and the surgeon did delete the photos from his phone, much to the amusement of the nurses. I'm guessing the wife may have had something to say other wise..........Kx


  1. I can help you with the link..instead of sharing all the full web address eg. you can just write Etsy. Highlight the word Etsy and then click on the little globe symbol with a chain link on it. It is the sixth button along from the left after font. You then type your web address in there.

  2. Hi there again, I did a short series to help people with bloggy technology, a while back on my blog. I'm starting a new series next week starting on Monday, it is going to be called "Getting to know you", so you may want to follow that.

    The last series was called "Keeping up to date" and the links are shown below...

    Read here, to learn how to set up RSS feeds

    You can read about social bookmarking here:

    Desktop news and alerts:


    Thanks for your comment on FB. Re following my's how.

    The two RSS feeds are found under the two woolly lambs at the top of my blog

    You can use my RSS feed

    Or you can add blogs to your social bookmarking sites using the button found in the top left hand corner of every blog post on my blog called Share/Save (explained in part 2 of the 'keeping uptodate series)

    Or you could just click on your dashboard when you log into blogger and click on "add blogs to follow in your reading list" and my URL

    Ask away if you need any help with anything.
    Hope this helps a little and that I've understood your comment right.



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