Monday 28 September 2009


On Friday I recieved off ebay a white cube tent to take photograghs in, so after spending Satuarday night in front of the TV watching X Factor and sorting my mounds of buttons I seem to collect everytime I walk into a junk shop, I then went about photograghing them on Sunday, with the added bonus of not using the flash and getting shadowing. The button pics don't really show what I was so excited about but I then took some photos of my egg cosies, which I have yet to organise and wow they came out fab. I will upload those tomorrow, I am now wanting the almost human size version!
Anyway I hae started sorting my buttons out and selling them in my back-yard in sets or mixed sets.


  1. I just read that as a human size version of an egg cosy - very befuddled!

    Lovely buttons - I'm off to look at the rest :)

  2. Ha! so did I. Wouldn't that be good a human Cozy, Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! gets me thinking.


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