Monday 6 July 2009


Well I a good weekend had, although I did spend Saturday with my Plumbing Husband being his total gofer and tiling 'mate', he taught me too well. My Kids tote bags got the thumbs up and are now being packed off to America today!

And to waste time in front of the TV, I made 3 more hair yo-yo's, a bit late for 4th July on the America flag set, but after picking up the vintage American bandanna, I am determined not to let it sit in the cupboard. So the next task is button fridge magnets, the flat backed buttons which you need for these can be found at Blooming felt, who is on Etsy and Folksy but the buttons are only available from her own website.

I will make this evening, after I have spent the day being plumbers run around. The tiling and plumbing shops have got to know me by now, and I can now argue the toss over the fixtures and fittings.



  1. really cute... especially the red white and blue.. I made a little button bobble form the 4th but nobody saw it as the Boy was sick and M worked all weekend so that meant no BBQ.


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