Wednesday 29 July 2009


I have been contacted and asked to sell my Ollie Tea cosies & Olive coffee cosies on a website called Hunkydoryhome, they have a few sellers from Folksy, so I am very happy to soon see them being sold on there, they have some fab bits and pieces and they make their own retro lampshades which I love, so may have to purchase one for our spare room, will let you know as soon as I go on line, which I think is for September so could get a few more Christmas sales!
Not normally one to talk about my family, but my father passed away on Friday from Cancer and we have found this lovely woodland burial park a couple of miles from my Mother in Epping Forest, it is a wonderful place where everything has to be biodegradable and only a small wooden plaque or carving is allowed and the forest is maintained and not disturbed. We have chosen a coppiced Chestnut tree to put his ashes under (we though it fitted as he was a ginger nut!) which has 4 trunks like a big hand, which you can sit in, and listen to the sounds of the forest.

My Baby Blonde design stuff has been accepted to sell on Notonthehighstreet, which I know could generate a lot of sales so again am chuffed, my only problem is the cost! I know of only one folksy / etsy seller selling on there (halfanacre) so may have to wrack her brains as to sales and did they increase a lot as to warrant the cost, if anybody else sells on the site, I would be grateful for your knowledge and for you to say yes, do it!!


  1. Sorry to read your sad news, you have picked a beautifull spot for your Dad. Good luck wih your new ventures. It pays to be courageous. xx

  2. Really sorry to hear about your dad. The resting place you have chosen sounds really lovely and a nice place for you and your family to spend time when you want to be close to your dad. I've read a few threads on folksy about notonthehighstreet. Have a search on the forums. From memory I think most people felt the expense was worth it in terms of generating sales. I recently had a catalogue from them and they do have really lovely things although quite pricey. Might be worth a shot with Christmas coming up. Do you know anyone else that could share the shop/cost with you - if you are allowed to do that?

  3. Sorry to hear about your dad, looks like you have chosen a beautiful spot in which to remember him.

    I wish you well in your new ventures too - it all sounds very exciting - you clever, talented thing! I really hope they work out - keep us posted won't you?

    Take care yourself & your family too xxxx

  4. So sorry to hear the very sad news about your Dad. What a beautiful place you have chosen for him and somewhere for you to all visit and remember him x

  5. Knew there was some info about NOTH on folksy! Check this out

  6. Thank-you for your comments about my dad, makes you realise there other people out there who care. :-)
    Looked at the forum and concidering I have paid £250.00 for a weekend stall in Essex £500 for life is not (cough) tooo much! But not have to 'earn' my joining fee, so selling old bits on ebay to get the pennies together!!

  7. I have applied to NOTHS aswell just waiting to hear back from them, just out of interest how long did it take for them to accept you?, good luck with your new venture


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