Wednesday 8 April 2009


I just love kitsch, if I still lived on my own my kitchen would most definitely be 1950's American diner crossed with the English Rose Cottage more tea Vicar! and a big splash of 1970's Tupperware.
I stumbled apron 'A Resin Revival' and I am in love with the kitschness (is that a word) of their necklaces. And I want one just not to sure which one to choose.............

I am heading towards the 1970's blonde girl and red heart, as I am tending to go for the 70's yachting look at the moment, and with a bit of practice and a set of rollers my hair style could mirror that


  1. They are lovely aren't they? I have drooled over tham o Folksy quite a bit. (can I jus nudge you for your postal address so I can send your books off on Saturday morning? Ta xxxx)

  2. love the kitsch... a bit of kitsch goes a long way


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