Friday 15 April 2016

New in!!! Bosal Insulating Wadding

Bosal Insulating Wadding width 160cm x 50cm

160cm wide
Recommended applications; quilting, apparel, lunch bags, sleeping bags, window treatments and coverings (reflects heat source), place mats, trivets, oven mitts, throws and wraps for outdoor activities and sporting events. Note: At least one layer of cotton wadding is recommended with Bosal PolyTherm Fleece when used for oven mitts, trivets, or potholders.
price is per 1/2 metre
63" x 20" = 160cm x 50cm
Ideal for any project that requires thermal properties
A needle-punched insulated wadding ideal for home sewing and crafts. Pot holders, oven mitts, bottle holders, table mats, etc. are just some of the many projects suitable for this versatile material.
Pre-washing prior to use is not recommended. After quilting, hand wash and dry naturally. use cool water and mild detergent and soak for 15 minutes. Squeeze out excess moisture by rolling in a dry towel, dry naturally by laying flat. Shrinkage less than 5%.

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