Thursday 14 January 2016

In Love with Flourish by Ciana Bodini

Im in Love with Flourish by Ciana Bodini

I love the vintage vibe to this collection

Red Valentino’s Fall 2012 Collection was whimsical and sweet, just like 

Flourish! The whole collection was infused with blushing pinks, ruffles, florals on 

florals, and over-the-top bows This dress was reminiscent 

of Camelots Flourish print.

Flourish by Ciana Bodini. Flourish is a soft and dreamy collection of pretty florals 

and streamlined prints. The inviting peach, mint, and mineral blue hues are a 

perfect combination for this romantic collection. The effortless femininity of this

collection is reminiscent of a quiet spot in the outskirts of Paris – all you’re 

missing is a chic dress, classic french read, and a vintage bicyclette!

Due out Late January in USA, feb in UK

Also check out Ciana Bodini webpage for further scrummy photos.

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