Monday 19 October 2015

SHOUTING!!! Hoffman Indah Modern

I'm sorry
but I may just keep going on about these fabrics, and then when I get them in the shop just cuddle them.
I am in love
With a fabric collection
Why - because I will be excited not just to make a couple of quilts but pieces of clothing!!!!

There are 24 in this release
I am splitting them into 4 collections of 6 (the 4 elements)
Earth, Water, Fire & Air





These are not Batiks as you know them, they are modern batiks.
Hand Dyed.

Designed by Me+You for the Indah collection
the collection already had solids and a stitch and dot fabric
I may have to go back and collect those too….. as having trouble tracking down sellers in the UK, 
or rather NO online sellers in the UK!

 I don't think they have a name yet,
If you can think of better names or know the names let me know
but my names are;

Arrow head
Rain dance
Star Flower

Due out in USA I think January and here in February
so I will spilt the lot into February delivery for earth & water,
March delivery for Fire and air set.
(my purse can't handle it!!)


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