Sunday 30 August 2015

Liberty Like Classics

I like most of you love liberty fabrics.

I'm thinking most of us have a small stash amongst the others!

Problem I always had and I guess, the same for most is the cost when sewing something big!

When you are looking at a minimum of £5 per fat quarter for the cheapest I have seen but averages £5.60 - £6.00.

So sewing a king size quilt - Liberty Style is going to cost a fortune!!

Getting the Blues

I have been checking different makes and classics not necessary the latest limited design out there, as want to be able, like the liberty fabrics supply them as all rounder long term classics.

Pink Flush

But as well as using them for large patchwork, even floaty floral dresses, think about classic garden setting table cloth, napkins accents against white, curtains, bunting & blinds - the list is endless.

Rosey Red

So for me now I can sew that king size classic quilt throw I always wanted with scalloped edges!!
Heavily quilted.

So these fabrics I have put together are smooth 100% cotton poplin.
which will be priced at £1.50 fat Quarter or £6.00 a metre
And I will do mini sample packs as well, to check them out.

Painted Poppies Coral

Meadow Red

Daisy Red

Carnation Red

Alstroemeria Blue

Painted Poppies Blue

Meadow Blue

Daisy Blue

Carnation Blue

Alstroemeria  Red

Alstroemeria Pink

Daisy Pink

Carnation Pink

Painted Poppies Lilac

Meadow Pink


  1. WOW! This sounds great! Liberty is so $$$! Be ordering from you soon!


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