Monday 27 January 2014

Coming Soon.....

Coats Duet Threads

In store in February
Starting with the top 50
perfect for all machine sewing.

don't just use white when quilting experiment!

Hope you all had a great weekend, I know the weather was miserable
but I was stationed at my stall in Old Spittlefields Market in London
on Saturday, could have been busier, but all the stall holders said it was the worst Saturday they have done in a long time.
Funny enough my fabric fat quarts sell far better than hand made stuff which is what I wanted anyway).
But notice people see a cushion I have made and want to copy it, so one customer brought the boho mini charms and matching fabrics, she can now go onto my blog and follow the instructions.
I am now going to make little kits up of cushions for this idea.


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  1. Your work is beautiful, I'm not surprised that people feel inspired to try and recreate your designs!


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