Saturday 28 December 2013

Make Boho Cushion

Boho Cushion 16"

All you need
1 pack mini charms (or 25 x 2.5" squares)
2 x 1.5" by 11" strips (mine in snow)
2 x 1.5" by 13" strips (mine in snow)
2 x 2.5 by 13" (mine in spot)
2 x 2.5 by 17" (mine in spot)
1 piece of batting at least 16" square
1 FQ fabric for reverse
(1 for front 1 for reverse, these could be the same or different)

I have used Boho by Urban Chik's for Moda
Moda Essential dots in Cocoa
Moda Basics in snow

Also 1 zip, full length unless you make an envelope opening

 Use 25 of the 42 charm squares
in rows of 5 x 5
Also shown are the other front pieces laid out

Using 1/4" seams for everything
sew your rows of squares together
as above and press

Next join the rows together
press, thats the middle complete!

Taking your 2 x 1.5" by 11" strips
mine in snow

Sew  the 2 strips to each end of your squares
iron and trim

Repeat this step for the longer
2 x 1.5" by 13" strips
iron and trim

taking your 2 x 2.5 by 13"
sew to each end of your square
iron and trim

Repeat this for your 2 x 2.5 by 17"
on each side and trim

now trim cushion to 16" square

taking your wadding piece 
lay your cushion front on it - pin

Then Quilt
I have quilted mine in tram lines either side of the seams created by the squares.
Put aside

Reverse - envepole opening
take your FQ
longer lengtherr horizontal
cut in half
so you should end up with 2 pieces 
50cm x 28cm or 20" x 11"

On one of the longer edges fold iron and fold again
I have zigzaged stitched to show edge

On other edge I have bound in bias binding
but this can also folded, ironed and sewn.

Trim your longer edges to 16"
lay this right sides together on cushion front
pin and sew all edges and sew again, 
this to make sure you catch all fabric and to reinforce seams
The cushion will end up approx. 15 1/2 " square
this always makes a 16" infil look plumper


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