Saturday 4 February 2012

Saturday Fabric Stash in Red

Finally received a couple of parcels today,
ripping the plastic off leaving a trail in my wake....

I was really low on my red fabrics, and need to more to be able to make more, as red things always sell, but surprising the % of red fabrics on the market in collections is quite small.
I will try an list all those above in case there is anything you see you that you need
(well we always need fabric)

Starting from the bottom going clockwise
Its a hoot Red oval - Momo for Moda
Antique treasures Vintage floral
Firefly by Michael Miller
Red stripe Bar Harbour Moda
Red 'Feedsack II' collection by Sara Morgan.
Tomato dot Kaffe Fassett
Grannies Treasures Nancy Mahoney P&B Textiles
Red Spot its a hoot Momo for Moda
Scarves Cherryade Sherbet Pips Aneele Hoey Moda
Play Dot Red/White Sherbet Pips Aneele Hoey Moda
Delicate Red fern RJR fabrics
Play Dot Red/Grey Sherbet Pips Aneele Hoey Moda
Scooters Red Play Dot Red/White Sherbet Pips Aneele Hoey Moda

Most of these except 4 are from The Eternal Maker, and are on offer at mostly £1.50 - £1.80 FQ, although you have purchase 1/2 metre.
The others are from M is for Make also fabrics on offer.
Both UK shops.

I also picked up this morning a cotton spotty backing for my Half Moon Modern Quilt
And another couple of FQ spots for my stash (you may notice I can't get enough of spots!)
These come from my local store in Eastbourne Owl and sewing cat.

Now off to baste my quilt top to the red spotty fabric!

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