Sunday 25 September 2011

I've been Clothes Making..

 Tulle Net Skirt with taffeta waist tie
 NY Peasant Tunic - Dress
Windsor full Taffeta Skirt
with the taffeta sash

Chelsea Bubble High Waited Taffeta Skit
With the fushia sash

Ascot Taffeta Cravat

 I've finally got the clothing bug back.
Many years ago I always make my own clothes, I still have piles and piles of tweeds, tartans and suiting materials I inherited off my dad who was a pattern cutter and tailor making mainly for Army Bandsman and spent many an hour at Sandringham barracks. (anyway I diverse!)

My favorite mix of clothes has to be eccentric British way of dressing mixing tweed with shiny taffeta's, wearing a party skirt to work with ballet pumps opaque tights and a cardie.

Also I believe bridesmaids don't all want to be seen in the same style skirt as one could be almost 6' and size 8 another size 14 and just over 5', so the same style and length could make one look fab and the other not so fab! I also like the mix and match in weddings, yes themed in colours but a mix of fabrics and styles.

So I am working out a mix of styles form A line, full, bubble and more, and made to the waist hips of the wearer.  Also these started party skirts as well (I made the silver grey one for me) to go out in, with my skinny black cardie.

Just working out the best for the tweeds, plaids and tartans as the fabrics are thick and do not pleat or gather nicely. A line is OK but I refuse to buy patterns as I like to work off my own so am trying to work out one less a line, shortish not mini with cute side square patch pockets, maybe even a piece of thick elastic in the back, not so high on the waist as I want a skirt that works on a Sunday with give, something to put on with your woolly tights, chunky jumper and hunter wellies (Mmm almost saved up for mine!).

Just off to make a prototype so I can wear it. Oh and in the making of the Tulle skirt as I had no pattern, it took me 4 attempts to get this look right! I takes 12m plus of net and looks far better in the flesh than the photos.

Happy Sunday Kx


  1. Wow, that was really interesting!! You are so talented and the clothes you make are stunning! Let me know if you make anything out of the tweed, I already have a tweed jacket - but I love it!! I will be watching this space :))

  2. Oooh I love the chelsea bubble skirt! I could so NOT wear it at my age but I still love it.

  3. I love what you have made. it all looks great i love the peasant tunic xxx

  4. wow your clothes are fab, love the tshirt x


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