Saturday 14 May 2011

How do you hide this?

Think I may have overdosed on fabric purchases this week........

The bottom three oilcloths are for book tote bags and peg bags to make.
The next two Clarke & Clarke fabrics are for the aprons.
The lilac quilting one is to finish of a cottage quilt.
The blue polka dot & rose fabric from Tanya Whelan grand revival fabrics are for a skirt I want to make.
The top 13 FQ's I stumbled upon in my local fabric store are from Kate Spain Central Park collection for my cushions and some coasters.

like most of you fabric stash horders, I quess I could not buy and fabric for a year and still have enough to make stuff, but I just love having the selection to be able to make what I want when I want.

If only I didn't have a full time job as well.

So if anybody is listening up there, as I didn't win the euro lottery last might please can I win tonight, only have a few things on my list I want.
A cottage with land in the country
A Pashley Red Bike
A very large amoire for my fabrics
More Fabrics
A Blackberry Phone
A bias binding iron/rolling machine

Well it is my big 40 birthday on the 26th so if I don't win the lottery, I know I am getting the phone (can't wait) and I am working on my brother to help put towards the bias binding machine which is about £80.00, the cottage will have to wait, and of course the chickens until I get the cottage, the amoire and bike are more within my reach.......just have to buy less fabric.



  1. I'm sure you will make a delicious looking assortment of goodies with that stash! Oh...and life begins at 40 right?! I keep reminding myself...40's are the new 30's (-;

  2. oooh love the spotty oil clothe can you say where you got it? The FQ's look yummy too
    Happy weekend
    Pene x

  3. The way I see it is that you are being very forward-thinking which is extremely grown up of you. What is it they say? Ah yes, "dream your dreams a few sizes too big, that way you can grow into them"!


  4. But you needed the fabric ! All just lovely too.

  5. Such a gorgeous assortment - as I keep telling my hubby, it won't go off so it doesn't really matter how long it takes to use it!

  6. I over dosed on fabric this week too. And I'm still wishing I could buy more. I've only recently discovered your blog and I'm really enjoying reading it.


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