Wednesday 20 April 2011

Driftwood Love Hearts

Finally got around to photographing these at work on an old corrugated tin shed!

Driftwood Love Hearts.

In Blue

In red

In Pink
Just a few!

I am trying to get bits finished so on this hopefully glorious weekend I can take loads of pictures.



  1. The love hearts look so gorgeous on the tin. It really shows off the colours.
    I also love the pot holder tuorial. I've crocheted a heap of them but never sewed one. I might have to hunt down some patchworky fabric and have a go.

  2. Ooh I like those Karen. That tin shed is the perfect background as well. Do your workmates think you're a bit mad?! :D

  3. As I work with all men, yes they do! plus I never sell them anything, even though I drop hints that its for the wife/girlfriend/lover...Kx


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