Monday 18 October 2010

Dear nephew Thomas I'm a bad Auntie

Dearest Thomas

I know quite a while ago, (2 years....) I started to make your name in felt to spell THOMAS, I made the T and M in blue felt, and then I made the O and S in lime green felt, and finally should have made the yellow H and A to finish your name. So for now we will have to call you TOMS.

I got an email message from a buyer on folksy asking if I did felt letters as they were missing a couple as their supplier had let them down, and could I do them quick as they had been waiting a while for them.

Thomas as you know I am blonde, (with a little help from a bottle), but blonde all the same. I replied saying, of course I could, just let me know the sizes and colours and if you have a picture of the other letters I could them match them up. (At this point I would like to let to let everybody know, I did not have a clue this was sis-inlaw and my cute nephew wondering if he will ever get his letters before his 10th or even 18th birthday!).

And then the picture arrived....

So Thomas, I promise tomorrow night I WILL be making your missing felt letters. And you will recieve them before the week is out. And when I see you you will get a big sloppy kiss, even if you don't want one, and I have to chase you around the garden.

With lots and lots of love (and a massive SORRY)

Auntie Karen xxxxxxxxxxx


  1. hahaha! there's nothing like being shamed into action! love it! ;o)

    Happy sewing {chuckling}


    hello gorgeous xxx

  2. I just love this post!

    Thanks for the smile (sorry if it's at your expense Toms, oops, I mean Thomas)!


  3. HAHAHA!! Excellent!! They look lovely!! Nothing like emotional guilt to spur on a project!! My lil boy still hasnt had a nameframe made for him yet from me!!!
    Annie x
    please feel free to pop by to the blogshop for a giveaway of a birdcage veil fascinator hun x x


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