Monday 3 May 2010

MADE Girls Market Skirt Tutorial

Now I don't sadly have a little girl to dress up and make little skirts for, but if I did, she would have a wordrobe full of these.
I found SeetheWoodsandtheTrees talking about them so thought I would take a look, you can download the pattern for free and get making.
Just a thought we could all do with elasticated waists and a wordrobe full of skirts, if I up'd the pattern a few inches (OK another 30 inches or more.....) put on my best wellies and favorite cardi, I could almost pull off the pretty look, which is something I can't seem to do, even when trying on Wedding dresses, I wanted the 1920's lace look, all pretty and floaty, as soon as I put the dress on, my mum just looked at me, I looked and me and knew it was just so wrong.


  1. I made these for Hebe and Clemmie, they are ace and really simple to make. The tutorial is really well done and easy to follow. Just going to blog about your paper lanterns..:)

  2. They really are the easiest thing to make. I think the estimate of how much time they take is given for a more novice sewer. I churned through four in the space of about two and a half hours, the only thing I had to do the next day was add pockets and pop in the elastic and to be honest the ones I made with patterned fabric really don't need the pockets at all.

    I've been thinking of one for myself too, maybe with another tier or two to get the length.


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