Sunday 7 March 2010


New cushion delivery next week, and am expanding my cushions sizes to 12" square, 16" square and 20" square, so sizes for everybody, problem I am having is having time (erm not sitting at the computer reading blogs time), to create new cushions, If I sell a cushion I think will sell again, I remake it for sale (sell what sells, I say!!) and this week sold 2 white BAM cushions, a camouflage skull (only in the shop 24hrs) and the popular black and red on white skull, so had to make these 4 again in 12" before venturing onto any new ones, so in my laziness I have only made the pink on black skull in the new 12" and a Red POW in the new 12".
Hopefully more to come this week, although My Mum has been waiting for a small teapot teacozy for I don't know how long!! and as its Mothers day, and she is coming to stay I had better get making one, plus write my list now of what to do when I get in from work and tick off as I go...
  • Tea cozy for Mum - Monday
  • Lavender Heart or Owl for Mum - Tuesday
  • Clean, make bed in spare room for Mum - Wednesday
  • Clean scrub house/ windows / cupboard doors - Thursday (in one night! oh dear)
  • Make cushions, drink wine, tidy up, watch lost, any ironing (not happening)
Cushions for sale in



  1. Well done with all your sales. Just make sure you get the important things done (like drinking wine). I'm sure the cupboard doors will wait. K xxx

  2. These are so cool. Did i thank you for my pin cushion ring?? I'm doing a feature on it shortly, thanks so much!! It was opened by customs - i reckon they just wanted to check it out too, but it got here in no time. Sending love from Australia, love Posie

  3. As one of my favourite bloggers, I have nominated you for a SUNSHINE AWARD! Pop to my blog if you need further details! xxx

  4. Surely Lost has got to take priority over all the boring cleaning ;-)

  5. Hi, enough wine drinking now! Just wondering, how do you open a "sister" folksy shop? I might open a little supply shop... Kate xxx


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