Friday 22 May 2009


Depressed and deflated are the only words I can muster today.
End of November last year I was made redundant from a quite well paid job, on the same day I found out my twin brothers father-in law had bladder cancer, unfortunately he is back in hospital this week and unlikely to leave, and my thoughts are with John. My father also 2 days later was take to hospital after gradually losing the use of his legs to find out he had spine cancer, which also could only be controlled not cured, we were given a hope of 2-4 years but again today further news is he has a tumour in the brain, kidney and lower abdomen, and we now have another waiting game till next Thursday to find out treatment, which the doctor seems to think there will be........
So for dad who loves flowers in the garden and misses being able to do the gardening, my own Chelsea flower Show here on the blog, and as I have just completed an oil painting of a poppy I thought it fitting my flower show to be of poppy stuff from Folksy.
Perfect Little Purse Company
Jellybean Jellybrain


  1. I love poppies so it's lovely to see so many great poppy items. Thanks for including my poppy card! Best wishes to you and your family.


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