Tuesday 26 November 2013

Make Windows Cushion

Windows Cushion 16"

All you need
1 pack mini charms
2 FQ fabrics
(1 for front 1 for reverse, these could be the same or different)

Bella Basics Solid in Black

Also 1 zip, full length unless you make an envelope opening

 Use 36 of the 42 charm squares
in rows of 6 x 6

From 1 FQ on the shorter edge
cut 4 x 2" strips (for the frame)
cut 12 x 1" strips (for the window panes)

I personally do not cut my strips down into 2.5" lengths but you can.
I sew, iron then trim - it works for me :-)
Not forgetting all seams ar 1/4"
So your strip will end up half inch

Repeat until all rows look the same as above.
(Or 10 times neater than mine!)

Now repeat using long strips
to join the rows together

Another one added

All joined, iron and trim up
mine is not perfect - but that is the beauty of home made
seeing your own quirks 

Next using the 2" wide strips
attach top and bottom, iron trim to 16.5"

Then repeat for the two sides

Should end up with something like this

At this point you could quilt it to wadding.
I didn't - I forgot!
But very much like it clean looking.

Lastly take your 2nd FQ
keeping the longer length trim the shorter side down to 17"
about 21" x 17"

Then approx 6" in cut, so you have
2 pieces 17" x 6" & 17" x 15"

The last 2 edges you cut need to be overlocked
(the 17" edge)
turned over about and inch and turned again so no raw edges show.

The large piece will butt up against the zip - sew
The smaller piece will then sit over the zip, hiding it.
Pin first - sew - avoid sewing over the zip

Finished hidden zip

Lastky - which i didnt photograph
trim the backing down to 16.5" x 16.5"
Lay the front and back right sides together
pin - make sure you have the zip open enough to turn inside out!
Sew all edges and overlock

Turn right side out

If you have a larger cusion to cover just make the boarder frame bigger,
so if a 20" cushion make the 2" strips to 4"
KG x

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