Thursday 14 July 2011

Time Flies! What a Hoot!

 Nellie the Owl Tea Cozy - SOLD
Honey the Owl Tea Cozy - SOLD

 Sam the Owl Tea Cozy
Lilly the Mouse Coffee Cozy

Well time has flown and after taking time out, sewing things for me (dresses and skirts!), I am still trying to restock my Etsy shop before I even start to think about my folksy shop.
At the weekend I made 3 tea cozies and one coffee cozy and have already sold 2 of my owls and and older retro owl in 3 days. You just know when you are onto a good think, problem is I just need to keep up with demand, so it now looks like any other projects can sit unfinished and look to make one tea cozy a night for the next 2 weeks! in hope that I keep getting the sales - oh why didn't I win the lottery.

Anyway hope you are all well and next week I go into hospital for a small op and have the week off, so will be catching up on blogland, with a lot of tea -  can't wait!!

Next week time to rearange the blog and pages and get updated, but in the meantime i'll pop a few more pics of what i have been making over the last couple of months, and get going on a few more tutorials.

Love and Hugs

Karen x


  1. These are so gorgeous! It's no wonder you sell your work so quickly, they're beautiful! :)

  2. Where have you been? I keep checking your etsy shop just to make sure your still breathing lol. Nice to see you back, I love to tea cosys so cute it's no wonder they are selling quick.
    Happy stitchin
    Pene x


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