Sunday 3 October 2010


 Where does the week go! I didn't feel like sewing all week, I think it was the weather change, going to work in the dark at 6.30am and arriving home in the dark at 6.30pm, think I was going through a week of SAD syndrome, or it could have been to do with taking my calorie intake down to around 1000 and having no energy to do anything. But I feel great now and have lost 6lb in the week, so I am going to up the intake just a little so I can lose less next week a max of 3lb.
 These are a few tissue cases I have made today, I am liking the 'clashing colours'
 This is new in a wonderful blue no fold 1 inch bias binding, for sale in blondesbackyard for only 30p per metre. This will make great ruffles along the bottom of a skirt or even down the front of top, on cuffs, or to jazz up a tote bag.
This baby pink single bias binding 1 inch folds to 1/2 inch, is perfect for binding the edge of baby quilts, this colour also goes great with grey, and I have some grey linen coming in, so I will be attempting cute bound purses in this with the grey linen. this is 45p a metre in blondesbackyard.

Have a great weekend, and I forgot to do the wool FQ giveaway, so i will be uploading tomorrow, and do the draw later in the week.



  1. Your little tissue cases are gorgeous, great colours :)

  2. These cases are adorable!

  3. Your tissue cases are so cute! love anything Amy Butler though...
    I haven't felt like sewing this week either! I need a good kick in the pants! :)


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